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How to Freeze Eggs

Did you know that eggs can be frozen for up to a year?

This was one of my latest projects as we have so many eggs this winter.

We searched a few sites online and found one that we decided to try.

1. First, have a muffin tin handy along with a dozen eggs, a small bowl, a fork and either salt or sugar.

2. Be sure your eggs are washed.

3. Crack an egg into the bowl and add one of the following. 1/8 tsp. salt OR sugar. Froth l lightly.

4. Put into a muffin tin. Continue until all sections have an egg in them.

5. Put tin in freezer. I usually leave them overnight...

6. Leave tin on counter a few minutes. Until you see the eggs have softened slightly.

7. Run a knife around the edge of egg and lift. The egg will pop out. Put into a freezer bag.

I can fit 2 dozen into a gallon bag. I put a layer of 12 with wax paper over them and another 12 on top of the paper. Seal bag.

8. Make sure the bag is marked either salt or sugar depending what you used.

9. When using these in a recipe be sure to delete 1/8 tsp salt or sugar per each egg used from your recipe.

10. Eggs should last up to a year. ( Mine will never make it that long. I love to bake...)

Happy Freezing!

Thanks Happy Money Saver!

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