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Mighty Wind Farms is a beginning farm in Sister Bay Wisconsin owned and operated by

Dan, Char and Tay Fatke.  It was created through one generations retirement dream and the next generations occupational dream.  The mission of Mighty Wind Farms is to grow quality food that has many positive impacts on the local region.  We care about our environment, our local community, our wellness and our tastebuds.

       * Environment  -  Our farming practices follow the National Organic Program standards and we follow an integrated Pest Management program to limit the spraying of NOP approved pesticides.  We are conscious about limiting our tilling and look to move to a no-till operation as much as we possibly can.  We are building a regenerative poultry operation incorporating fruit and nut trees along with grains for the  chickens to move towards a carbon neutral enterprise.

       * Local Community -  We love growing food for our community, whether it is enjoyed at a Door County restaurant or picked up on the farm or farmers market.  We are grateful to be in an area that has so many wonderful locally owned small businesses, and strive to keep building up the local food economy in Door County.

       * Wellness - We grow produce free from any synthetic pesticides and put care and effort into building healthy soils naturally through compost and cover crops.  Our chickens eat a no corn, non- GMO diet and are always on pasture.  We believe in finding the right work-life balance, and ensuring any future teammates on the farm are compensated fairly and gain valuable skills, knowledge and abilities.

       * Tastebuds - We love growing food that tastes good.  Plain and Simple.

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